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Chika Asamoto and Michael Veerapen Trio will perform
at Ubud Village Jazz Festival

Aug 9th 2014

Chika will perform at TED x Ubud for opening act

Sep 6th 2014

Chika on Kosmo! Ternama Global"

3 May 2012

Pemain saksofon profesional pertama di Jepun, Chika Asamoto telah hadir di Malaysia baru-baru apabila diundang oleh kelab No Black Tie, Kuala Lumpur untuk membuat persembahan pada 27 dan 28 April lalu.





Chika was appeared on RTM (TV1) "Selamat Pagi Malaysia"

April 2012

Chika Asamoto was appeared, interviewed and performed 2 songs on RTM (TV1) "Selamat Pagi Malaysia".





Chika Asamoto World Dub Session Tour

26 - 28 April 2012

Chika Asamoto with sidemen Shigeo Fukuda (piano), Tony Makarome (Bass) Dubmaster X (Dub Engineer/DJ) performed on
26th at Motionblue Yokohama JAPAN,
27th at No Black Tie KL Malyasia
28th at No Black Tie KL Malyasia.





Chika Asamoto quartet live concert

19 - 20 March 2011

Chika Asamoto with sidemen Shigeo Fukuda (piano), Shin Kamimura (Bass) Cecil Monroe (Drums) will perform in Kagoshima, Japan for the event Osaka- Kagoshima Shinkansen.


The event highlights the launching of a nonstop bullet train service between Osaka and Kagoshima. The new service will begin in spring 2011, which will link the two cities in about four hours.


Date and Place: 19th March, Satsuma Denshoukan, 20th March, Maruya Garden.


On 19th March, 2011 Chika's new project and band "Orchid House Orchestra" with Anello Capuano (acclaimed as one of the most prominent world music multi-instrumentalist) participated "Inter Music Festival Unud" (Bali, Indonesia)

Chika’s New CD - Catalpa

October 2010

Chika’s new collaboration, "Catalpa" featuring DJ and Producer Gus Till is scheduled for release on October 30, 2011. The project is best-described as abstract post-modern jazz. Basic tracks were recorded in Bali; overdubs and mixing were completed at Rainbow Studios, Oslo by Jan Erik Konshaug.




Chika releases new CD Bali Harum

July 2010

Balinese people, the evening every day, "Canang" called "offering up a" placing them throughout the house and dedicate prayers to Hindu gods. This CD album is a gift of love from all people in Bali, thanks to a loaded "Canang / offering" is. The CD music on the album, by 朝本千可, was produced from the Bali inspired by the original ambient music jazz, soprano sax, piano, guitar, and synthesizer.

Chika at Sunset Jazz Club

12 July 2010

Chika joined African born French Blues singer, Roland Tchakounte's on his new album "Blues Manessen" as a guest saxophone player. The band invited her to play at the Sunset Jazz Club in Paris for the enthusiastically received album’s live show.

Bali Inter Music Festival 2011 – Music Without Borders

30 June 2011

A pre-event that unites music of the world, blends people without borders of nations. Everything dissolves along with the grand exotic nature of Ubud.
A visitor suddenly commented, “I just come by here and hear great music inside. So I got in and enjoy.


Jazzing up the world of music

5 May 2008

Chika Asamoto broke gender barriers when she became the first professional sax player in Japan.


When Japanese jazz saxophone player Chika Asamoto was four years old, her parents sent to her to a Yamaha music school for piano lessons.


All that Jazz comes together As One

21 July 2007

A gig pulling beers for the band in a Los Angeles jazz club changed forever the life a Japanese psychology student, who today runs the coolest jazz club in Bali. Japan's leading female jazz saxophonist Chika Asamoto said she knew nothing of the jazz that was about to sweep the world when she signed on as a waitress at Maiden Voyage Jazz Caf‚ Los Angeles.


Producer promotes Asian women singers

1 August 2001

Chika Asamoto is a profesional saxophonist in her own right but nowdays she works chiefly as a producer to promote talented Asian female singers.
Last summer she prodeced and marketed a recoding titled "Forever Peace" a duet song by her husband, Masaki Ueda, and Indonesian singer Resa. It was released in Japan, Malaysia and other parts of Asia and topped the charts for a long time in Indonesia.