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"Moments of timeless haunting, coloristic, as well as groove references to Miles Davis, evocative of some kind of alien cityscape, I’d like to listen to this sitting in green car of Nozomi Shinkansen at 240 kmh/h going past Fuji-San ...Or sitting in 600 km/h Maglev on Mars on my way from Clarke City to Europa Planitium, year 2096 - Love it all! - Paul Buckmaster, Grammy Winner for Best Arranger, and arranger/co-composer Miles Davis, "On the Corner." Arranger including: David Bowie, Elton John, Taylor Swift, Rolling Stones, Celine Dion, Bon Jovi, Guns' Roses and more...






Song List

1. On Angels wings 8:32
2. Catalpa 5:48
3. The Pagan 8:32
4. Lotus 5:26
5. Collapsing Diamond 6:33
6. Cogs I 4:16
7. Cogs II 3:35
8. Cogs III 6:21
9. Cogs IV 5:42
10. Tide 2:12
11. Protein 4:16
12. Ting Ting Jahe 6:06
13. The Old Path 4:24
14. Water Forest 7:24

Bali Harum

12 July 2010

Balinese people, the evening every day, "Canang" called "offering up a" placing them throughout the house and dedicate prayers to Hindu gods. This CD album is a gift of love from all people in Bali, thanks to a loaded "Canang / offering" is.


The CD music on the album, by 朝本千可, was produced from the Bali inspired by the original ambient music jazz, soprano sax, piano, guitar, synthesizer, instrumentation Music is mental.


Price: ¥ 2,000 (with tax)

Song List

1. Nyepi-Listen to the Silence 2:41
2. Jalan Laksmana at 4am 6:47
3. The Dawn in Lotus Pond 4:29
4. Frangipani-Time to Bloom 5:15
5. Apart from the Crowd - Mimpi 3:25
6. A Rainy in Ubud 5:02
7. Sedap Malam Dancers before Dancing 6:38
8. Sunset on Capa Uluwatu 5:03

Passion/feat. 朝本千可

2 January 2010

Edoshikku Piper (Champagne) and the jazz club’s first collaboration CD release. Sponsored by one of the top brands of champagne "PIPER HEIDSIECK", which is famous as the official champagne of Cannes International Film Festival.


Tracks include: "CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING" (The Stylistics), "Breakout" (Suuinguautoshisuta), "So Nice (Summer Samba)", (Astrud Gilberto), plus one newly written original.


Song List

1. Break Out
2. Free
3. Tell Me
4. Tokyo 2am
5. Can't Give You Anything
6. Lovin' You
7. All Around the World
8. So Nice (Summer Samba)
9. When I Do
10. Asian Flowers

My Pretty Things


Release : 2002.10.1 No. : AMSI-Price 2377 : ¥ 2,000 (With tax)
Publisher: AMS Records
The selection of music lovers worldwide to dedicate a "Hail Mary" was a smash hit sung Saraburaitoman "Time to say goodbye", and "Mona Lisa" of the saxophone and suites make you feel elegant and sometimes even about some of the songs and Doramateikku Lovely album with saxophonist 朝本 千可 stylish women colored in tone.

「癒される」だけではものたりなかった「ゴージャス」 に浸ってみよう。 "Healed" Just Monotarinakatta "gorgeous" Let's indulge. (WEDDINGでの使用頻度高し。) (Wedding 高Shi in usage.)

ハウスジャワカレーTVCM曲「OH LADY BE GOOD」収録! TVCM Hausujawakare song "OH LADY BE GOOD" included! ! !

Song List

1. Ave Maria
2. Mona Lisa
3. Ivvone
4. La Luna
5. Time to say goodbye
6. Scaborough Fair
7. Besame Mucho
8. Air on G string
9. Oh Lady Be Good

Techno, Ambiento, insrumental


Sacks is participating in the album 朝本 千可
Ambient7/Island Ambient7/Island







Humble Heart


Release : 2000.11.22 No. : AMSI-Publisher 300 : AMS Records
Darek Lane Jackson : Bass, Guitar
Tomoharu Hani : Piano
Guy Pratt : Bass, Guitar
Percussion : Tomo Yamaguchi
Paris London : Vocal&Chorus

Programming : Guy Pratt, Tomoharu Hani, Chika Asamoto
Additional Programming: Richard. T. Norris
Produced by Chika Asamoto (ANSRecords)
Recorded by Shuichi Ikebuchi
Mixed by Sven Taits (London), Shuichi Ikebuchi (Tokyo)
Mixed at Metoropolis (London), Master Kee's (Tokyo)

Song List

1. P.rologue
2. Sedap Malam
3. Rainy Night In Ubud
4. A Touch Of Jazz
5. It 's Up To You And Me
6. Asian Heart
7. Sunflower
8. Humble Heart
9. Pepiku
10. Humble Heart

Asian Hearts


Release : No. 1993 : ALCA-Publisher 457 : Alfa Records
Electric Guitar : Guy Pratt, Jun Okada, Hikaru Yoshida (Derujibetto)
Bass : Guy Pratt, Darek Lane Jackson
Keyboars & Piano : Tomoharu Hani
Percussion : Tomo Yamaguchi
Vocal : Paris London
Voice & Chorus : Chika Asamoto, Darek Lane Jackson
Rap : Darek Lane Jackson
Back Chorus : Paris London
Trumpet : Hitoshi Okano
Trombone : Haruki Sato
Sax (Alto & Soprano) : Chika Asamoto
Programming : Guy Pratt, Tomoharu Hani, Chika Asamoto
Additional Programming : Richard. T. Norris
Sound Produce : Guy Pratt, Tomoharu Hani, Chika Asamoto

Song List

1. Einja
2. Fall in Love
3. Macau
4. A Touch of Jazz
5. A Woman in Fakefur
6. Latin Heart
7. Streetsalive
8. Happy Seasons
9. It 's Up to You And Me

It's Up to You


Release : No. 1993 : ALCA-Publisher 457 : Alfa Records
Bass : Hideaki Kanazawa
Electric Guitar : Hirokimiyano
Flute : Scott Robinson
Vocal : Paris London






Song List

1. It 's Up To You
2. I'll Be There For You
3. To Night Is The Night
4. Riseand Fall
5. Dolphine Blue
6. Make it Better
7. After The Rain
8. Himawari
9. Osaka on My Mind
10. Stella By Starlight



Release : No. 1992 : ALCA-Publisher 316 : Alfa Records
Producer : David Mattews
Director : Yoshimasahamada, Masahiro Yamashita
Engineer : Chazcliton, Suminobuhamada
Assistant Engineer : Joerogers, Toshihirowako
Recording and Mixing Studio : Cross Road Studio (NY), Clinton Studio (NY) and Bay Bridge Studio (Tokyo).
Recording Date: February 21st - march 22nd, 1992


Song List

1. In Paradise
2. I Miss you
3. Distance
4. Let's Take a Walk
5. Chaser
6. Colorless
7. Satisfaction
8. Don't say a word
9. Kawloon

Heartland Chic


Release : No. 1991: Unknown Publisher : KingRecords








Gypsy Moon

21 March 1988

Release : 1988.03.21 No. : 32CA-Publisher 2177 : Nippon Columbia











Song List

1. Gypsy Moon
2. Self Control
3. It 'sabouttime
4. Noside
5. Facing You
6. Fortune Smile
7. Special Moments
8. Steps
9. Banana Fish
10. Obsession

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